Frequently Asked Questions

Which documentation do I need to sign up for your services today?

All you need is your DOT authority paper, filled out W-9 form and Insurance certificate.

After sending the paperwork what is the next step?

Once your company sends in all the paperwork, you will be put in contact with Team Leader of certain department to discuss future tactics.

Can you keep my trucks busy?

Yes! Long distance, regional, all US states, anywhere, anytime, live loads, hook and drop, Canada, weekends home runs, FTL, LTL, Expedited, Intermodal, postal service etc. In addition to that, all equipment types: dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, stepdecks, power only, automobile transport, specialized/oversized and much, much more.

Where do RightDistachers find freight?

We’ll find your freight through dat.com load boards and connections with brokers and shippers developed through our network.

Which brokers/shippers will you be using?

We will use brokers/shippers that pay the highest freight per mile and those who is accepted by the factoring company you work with.

We only work with reputable shippers and brokers and in addition to that, RightDispatch always checks their credit worthiness even if they are our longtime partners, therefore, our carriers should have a complete peace of mind.

Once a load is booked how will I know the load information?

As the owner of the company you will get rate confirmation copy via email which is used for cooperating with brokers. There you can see all info about the load.

At my previous company I waited too long to get a next load. How is RightDispatch comparing to that?

No wait! Get two weeks FREE TRIAL for one of your trucks to ensure!

How soon can I start getting your loads?

As soon as three pages filled out. As simple as that!

How often must payment be submitted after FREE TRIAL?

Payment must be submitted on a weekly basis.

I employ my own trucking office. Why should I outsource and hire RightDispatch?

Do the math, RightDispatch services just cost less! You eliminate payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, reduce business expenses, eliminate health insurance premiums, office expenses, costly software expenses. In addition, RightDispatch provides you with personalized service from experienced and educated specialists. No doubt, dispatching is a full time job and extremely time consuming. Our team members offer you all these!

How many trucks will be assigned to my dedicated RightDispatcher?

We want to ensure that each and every of our clients get personal attention from our dispatchers, therefore, there will be up to 5 units per single RightDispatch team member.

I am a company driver who has always dreamed of being my own boss. Can RightDispatch help me?

YES! By hiring RightDispatch you acquire a complete staff of MatchLogistics experts in addition to dispatcher.

Our Back Office team will assist you in obtaining all necessary licenses and permits, takes care of safety and accounting.

Need factoring, leasing or insurance? We got you covered! 

Look for fuel discounts? Get them!

Would like a website? No problem!