• Don’t book load without written confirmation that driver and equipment are ready.
  • Don’t book to/from/through OR, WA.
  • Don’t take “just in time” loads.
  • Don’t’ book loads that driver will have no log time to deliver.
  • Don’t push drivers to delivers the load if they do not have time or the equipment requires repair to be compliant.
  • Don’t add or delete driver, equipment on insurance policy.
  • Don’t book loads from broker with D, F, I, N rating.
  • Don’t communicate with factoring company for any matters but for broker rating (RTS will not provide any information of open balance or release letter).
  • Don’t transfer calls to accounting department (broker, company driver, o/o…) without checking what’s the matter.
  • In case of no management’s approve or revised rate confirmation add notice of payment for extra – detention, layover, short miles…etc.
  • Don’t adjust the freight rate if it was sent already to factoring company.
  • Don’t attach an updated rate confirmation without notice. Send email to accounting@vscarrier.com in case the load was invoiced already.
  • Don’t re-invoice a load.