• Introduction for newly assign driver
  • Morning check in and evening check out with the driver regarding:
  1. Truck and trailer numbers;
  2. Documents for truck and trailer;
  3. Current Location;
  4. Pick up/Delivery Information;
  5. Road Inspections and other.
  • Plan the driver’s trip taking into consideration:
  1. Driver’s skills and experience;
  2. Hours of Service;
  3. Weather Conditions.
  • Immediately report any accident, cargo damage, violation, ticket and/or suspicious condition of driver to Safety
  • Report any driver’s personal or equipment changes.
  • Daily remind driver about PTI.
  • Check GPS for location and speed information.
  • Bring truck and trailer to the shop once a month, or once in two weeks (based on requirements).
  • Check every broker’s rating.
  • Demand pictures from driver after each loading and before leaving the shipper.
  • Demand Value of the load from broker. If value is higher than $30,000 ask your manager.
  • Demand from driver to weight the load.
  • Perishable cargo, like onions, requires additional care. Ask authorization from manager.
  • Follow up with the broker about payment status.
  • Report to accounting in the following day if the load were booked already with a company rated D, F, I, N.
  • Provide broker PODs within 24hours or any additional receipts requested in the rate confirmation.
  • Adjust the miles for driver’s trips.
  • Update the Status of the loads from Trip Booked to Delivered waiting for BOL.
  • Add an explanation in the trip comment if there were adjustments to the rate.
  • Record all your money codes and forward in the same day the receipt to the broker to get reimbursed.
  • Remind to our drivers about our Payroll, Weekly Settlements and paperwork Policy
  • Send all the PODs and lumper receipts must be sent daily by email.
  • Attach all SIGNED rate confirmation to the proper load.