Dispatcher should be working hard to prevent cargo loss while focusing on the safety of drivers. If drivers follow the regular safety practices outlined below, cargo loss can be prevented. Please communicate with your drivers the following rules.

1. It is against policy for any driver to drop any trailer, loaded or empty, at any place other than a Service Center or authorized drop yard without prior approval from Fleet Manager.

2. The driver is not allowed to leave the vehicle unattended with the engine running or keys inside. They have to lock your vehicle. REMEMBER, in addition to the potential loss of equipment and cargo, their personal belongings are in jeopardy.

3. Vehicle inspection needs to be performed after any extended stop. To avoid the release of your fifth wheel when parked, driver has to set the trailer in parking brake, then slowly pull forward against the kingpin and then set the tractor brake. Advice this info to the driver, especially for student drivers.

4. Ask the driver if the parking spot is described as following. Parking is allowed only in well lit, highly visible areas. Driver need to avoid parking on surface streets, the shoulder of a highway, or in such a manner that a hazard is created. If they must park on the shoulder of the road, emergency warning devices must be used.

5. Driver does not have to discuss the contents of their trailer with anyone. They have to be aware of suspicious persons or vehicles. Advice for the High Risk/High Value loads, to be especially alert shortly after pickup or when nearing delivery. The trailers with High Value loads cannot be parked over the weekend. The load must be booked so it will be delivered right away without parking it.

7. Follow assigned routing. Notify Safety in case of any deviations.