1. Dispatcher has to perform his duties in professional manner and to be cooperative with other team members, drivers and brokers.
  2. Dispatchers working hours are from 7am to 5pm. However, dispatcher cannot leave if any of the trucks are still open for load.
  3. First day on a work: Needs to get a new e-mail, user names and passwords for all the software used such as load and dispatch boards.
  4. Before booking the load, dispatcher has to check the broker’s credit rating with our factoring company. Loads can only be booked with  A,B,C rating brokers. In special circumstances, D rated can be booked under the quick pay option, but dispatcher is fully responsible for the payment.
  5. Dispatcher must offer the load to Owner Operator before booking, to avoid cancelation of the load later.
  6. Dispatcher needs to know the value of the load. He must be very cautious with high-value loads. High-value loads cannot be kept on unsecured yards or other places.
  7. If there is a Lumper fee, dispatcher must notify the broker right away and ask to pay it. Usually, broker will pay himself. Never pay Lumper fee for JB Hunt loads. They will not reimburse.
  8. Consistently give updates to the brokers.
  9. All trucks and trailers need to be checked for maintenance by shop periodically. Dispatcher makes sure that equipment is brought to the shop before the due date.
  10. In case of breakdown, dispatcher must notify fleet manager.
  11. Dispatcher must include every detail when dispatching a driver. Company name, full pick up address, pickup and delivery numbers, dates and times. Also the name of the company that load was booked under.
  12. No picture dispatching. Dispatcher must use “Hang out” “Skype” “RingCentral” email or text messaging systems to dispatch the drivers.