You have to check with your driver how many hours he is allowed to drive in a day, and plan the trip accordingly, if the driver is using paper log. For e-log drivers you have to monitor their performance using the keep trucking app. If you notice repeated violations for your drivers, communicate with safety, and additional training will be performed to specific driver.

General rules manner

The following information must be included on the form in addition to the grid:

  • Date;
  • Total miles driving today;
  • Truck or tractor and trailer number;
  • Name of carrier;
  • Driver’s signature/certification;
  • 24-hour period starting time (e.g. midnight, 9:00 a.m., noon, 3:00 p.m.);
  • Main office address;
  • Remarks;
  • Name of co-driver;
  • Total hours (far right edge of grid);
  • Shipping document number(s), or name of shipper and commodity; 
  • All fuel needs to be marked
  • All Dot Inspections must be marked and match the exact time of inspection

11 hour driving limit   

May drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty.

14 hour driving limit     

May not drive beyond the 14th consecutive hour after coming on duty, following 10 consecutive hours off duty. Off-duty time does not extend the 14-hour period.

Rest breaks     30 minutes

May drive and work beyond the 8 hour. This break is counted toward the 14 hour limit. It does not extend a driver’s workday. (70 hour)


May not drive after 60/70 hours on duty in 7/8 consecutive days. A driver may restart a 7/8 consecutive day period after taking 34 or more consecutive hours off duty.

Sleeper berth provision  

Drivers using the sleeper berth provision must take at least 8 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth, plus a separate 2 consecutive hours either in the sleeper berth, off duty, or any combination of the two.

34 Hour Restart

You can make restart after 70/60 hours on duty or any time. If driver uses 7 days log book, restart needs to be made after 60 hours. If the drivers uses 8 day log book, restart needs to be made after 70 hours.